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Issue: We are having problems with getting our ebooks to market on time. The suppliers promise us files on time, but do not give us a heads up until it's too late that they are not going to make the deadlines.

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Issue: We are having quality issues. The files we receive from our current suppliers are riddled with errors. We are having to proofread all the files we receive.

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Issue: Fixed Layout eBooks are prohibitively expensive to create. Our budgets do not allow us to create as many books as we want. Our books are highly design oriented and we can only have them as FL ePubs. We wish FL ePubs are not expensive to create.

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Issue: We have only archived PDF files in our backlists. The conversion houses are asking us for application files (InDesign etc.) and claim that they cannot do a clean conversion without them. Because we have only certain types of input files and not the files the suppliers want, we are afraid that the conversions will not be clean.

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Issue: Our titles are sprinkled with a heavy dose of non-English content. We only have PDF files. Our existing suppliers claim that the PDF files are useless to capture foreign language content.

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Issue: We want our fixed layout ePubs to have the same feel and look of the printed original. However, we do not have the copyright for the fonts. We don't want to buy them. Do you have a solution?

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Issue: Our books are extremely complex and the fixed layouts that we have been getting done so far are falling short of our expectations. We want to solve the complexity issues.

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Issue: After paying big sums, the products that we get are riddled with layout issues. The printed product and the FL ePub don't match in most cases.

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Issue: For each different type of title we send to our suppliers, we are forced to get a price point from them, sign a renewed work order and the paper work with SLAs and SOWs is killing us. We would like to switch to a simpler system where we have blanket arrangements to get our content processed so that we can focus on our core functions.

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Issue: We have some new ideas for our content. For instance, we want to sell the content on our website in a special way. Are there any solutions to do this?

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Issue: What volumes can you handle? We have a huge backlist of titles coming up before our next sales season. Can you help? Is your service only for smaller volumes that come in steady streams?

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Issue: Many times, we find suppliers agreeing to something and in the end, when it is already too late, telling us the same thing is not possible. If they were only truthful upfront, we would have better chances of planning and avoiding issues in the end. Most of the times, this shows an inability to foresee, plan and execute properly our requirements.

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Issue: When we go to our suppliers, we expect them to be experts at their work. Unfortunately, sometimes, we are having to spoonfeed our suppliers about our needs. It appears that there are not enough R&D personnel. Also, when we explain what we want, we find that they rarely get it the first time. We repeatedly explain before making them understand. This can be very frustrating.

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Issue: Correspondence is a big issue for us. Sometimes, we never receive a response to our queries and many times, the response is inadequate. At others, there is no response at all. We seem to be sending more reminders than necessary to elicit answers from our suppliers. There are times when the responses are from a non-technical person to our technical queries. The person responding and the person performing the work are not the same.

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Issue: We listed 14 persistent problems that we can simplify for you straightaway. If you have another problem which is not listed, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you quickly with a solution.

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We are a group of highly experienced people who have been working on simplifying publishing processes. We are happy to announce that we have arrived and gotten around the eBook conversion maze.

We founded eBookBurner with the sole intention of simplifying the eBook creation and publishing processes.

Leveraging latest technologies, we have developed new process flows and products that solve the existing problems for our clients.

Our products are geared to serving the various segments of the publishing industry.

We offer services to both traditional publishers and self-publishing authors.

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